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"Elections are about the future." Quote Nancy Pelosi.

On Nov 3, 2020, Americans will vote in the 59th US presidential election. All eyes are on the most important election on the planet, what is at stake here not only concerns American citizens and American businesses, but a far-reaching global impact beyond the boundaries of nations.

In a five-part series, AmCham will take a deep dive into understanding the policies, strategies and plans of the 2020 presidential elections with a finale of Election Central. It serves broadcast on US election and an American community party on Nov 4, 2020.


  • Part 1 – Mar 16 [WEBINAR] The View from Washington: Amb. Holleyman on The US Presidential Election and Implications for US Trade Policy (Past Event)

  • Part 2 – May 19 2020: [WEBINAR] The Insiders' View of the US Presidential Election (Past Event)
  • Part 3 – July 21 2020: [WEBINAR] The US Presidential Election and Implications for US-China Relations (Past Event)

  • Part 4 – Aug 13 2020: [WEBINAR] A Bipartisan View on Joe Biden's Foreign Policy Platform (Register Past Event)

  • Finale / Part 5 - Nov 4, 2020: Election Central (Broadcast on 59th US presidential election)

  • [Post-Election Epilogue] Year 2021-2025: What Does the Future Hold?


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