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This year we celebrate our 19th Annual Women of Influence Conference by expanding our focus beyond our community of members and supporters to include all women and their allies that are striving to make the world a more equitable place; creating sustainable pathways for the growth of women from all walks of life, advocating for those most underrepresented, and inspiring the community to reimagine what the future for women looks like.

We look forward to welcoming our community back face-to-face to listen to inspiring speakers and participate in interactive workshops at our Conference and to recognize and celebrate the Women of Influence award nominees and winners at this exciting and long-awaited in-person event! It will be an event not to be missed, where we will have a chance to reconnect (although still complying with COVID-19 restrictions) after years of social distancing restrictions to consider what it means to reimagine a sustainable future for women and to honor the women and men of Hong Kong who work tirelessly to elevate and support women who are working to make such reimagined future a reality. 

The last several years have been challenging for everyone; as we begin to see light at the end of the tunnel the WOI wants to help everyone leverage new opportunities that have resulted from COVID-19 and to take advantage of a new-found open-mindedness to focus on how we empower ourselves to emerge stronger and more positive than ever about the journey that lies ahead. We will focus on sustainability and leadership, on our mental and physical health, on learning about alternative investing in sustainable initiatives, and on community building and the power of giving back.

Too long have we been hindered by the global environment; it's time to rekindle relationships, build new ones, and rejoin in our shared mission of changing the future through woman empowerment.

Dec 2, 2022

2 PM - 7 PM (GMT+8)

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The Annex Hong Kong
Nan Fung Place 2F
173 Des Voeux Road Central
Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, The Annex Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR (China)

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WOI Awards

Now in their 19th year, the AmCham Women of Influence Awards highlight women who have strived to make Hong Kong a more livable place for women from all walks of life during these challenging times. The Awards are also an exciting and important recognition of outstanding supporters such as male allies and companies. This year, we have added a new award – Woman Champion of Disadvantaged Groups & Minorities – to directly address sustainability and the pandemic to support the 2022 theme.

The awards nomination is now closed. Thank you for your submissions and support!

Award Categories

*Corporate Award

Award Descriptions
Nomination Rules & Guidelines
  • All submissions will be treated as strictly and entirely confidential. The submission deadline (both nomination and nominee submission) is 11:59pm HKT Friday, September 16.
  • Each candidate can be nominated for one (1) category only.
  • Candidates are not required to be a USA citizen or to work for a USA based corporation. Candidates and business operations must have a strong impact and demonstrable link to Hong Kong.
  • Companies associated with the AmCham Women of Influence Conference & Awards- including conference sponsors (direct financial contributors with tiered recognition status); companies that employ the judges are not eligible for Best Company Championing Women. Members of these companies are welcome to nominate people in all of the individual award categories.
Judging Timeline

About Us

Tell me about the Women of Influence (WOI) Committee…

Launched in 2003, we are a connected community of professional women representing a diverse range of cultures, ages, industries and perspectives, working towards a shared vision.

The WOI Committee is proud of our past successes and is dedicated to working alongside the other committees within the chamber and women's networks across Hong Kong to help promote women in leadership. Each year, we deliver the acclaimed Women of Influence (WOI) conference and awards where we recognize and celebrate the exemplary accomplishments of women, and the allyship of men in Hong Kong. We play a critical role as an influential community contributor and strong advocate for women's empowerment and advancement in the workplace. Through our committee meetings and other events, our members have the opportunity to build their network and expand their influence both personally and professionally.

We welcome all members of the American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, to join the WOI Committee at any time throughout the year, as active and engaged members. We welcome your voice, your perspective and your passion for our purpose.

We host regular meetings that feature local entrepreneurs, non-profit and corporate leaders. We celebrate people that are making a difference and moving the needle for women in leadership in Hong Kong and globally.

The WOI Committee is organized by a Steering Committee of volunteer professional women from across Hong Kong and supported by members of the staff at the American Chamber.

Our vision

Helping professional women in Hong Kong to be the best that they can be.

Our purpose

Championing the women leaders of today and empower more women to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our promise

To provide our members with the opportunity to explore professional growth and success through the lens of inclusion, inspiration, generosity and self-expression, by leveraging our networks and collective experiences.

Awards FAQ

Q1: What is the purpose of the awards?

The Women of Influence Awards is AmCham's annual signature and one of the most important initiatives that recognizes women, male allies and companies that have demonstrated an exemplary level of achievement in Hong Kong.  

In total there are eight awards, six for individual woman, one for a company, and one for a woman/man who will be recognized as a champion for women.

Q2: Do I need to be an American citizen, or an AmCham member to be part of it? 

Candidates are not required to be US citizens, to work for a US corporation or to be an AmCham member. For a company submission, candidates are not required to be US-based entities. 

Everyone is welcome to nominate themselves or to be nominated, as long as the candidate, whether an individual or a company, has a strong impact and demonstrable link to Hong Kong. 

Q3: How much does it cost to apply for awards?

Application submission is complimentary and all winners will receive an AmCham WOI Awards Commemorative Trophy, and will be included in the press release following the award ceremony. 

Q4: Can I nominate someone for more than one category?

You may not nominate the same person for more than one category. Candidates can only be nominated and awarded in one category only.

Q5: How do I nominate for an award or how can I nominate? Can I nominate myself? 

All award nominations should be submitted via the nomination form. You can nominate individuals or an organization. You can nominate multiple individuals and/or organizations. You can also self-nominate.

Nominations must be submitted online and will be confirmed via email. Once the nominations have been submitted, we will notify you if any additional steps are required (i.e. additional material required if the application was incomplete or requires verification).

Q6: What are the deadlines to apply?

Award nominations are open until Friday, September 16, 2022 (11:59pm HKT). Please make sure to submit the nomination before the deadline. Submission after the deadline won't be considered.  

Q7: What's the timeline of the judging process and award ceremony? 


Nominations deadline

  • September 16, 2022 (11:59 pm HKT)

The judging panel will make its final choices from a shortlist of nominees in each category

  • October 17, 2022

Notification to all successful and unsuccessful nominees

  • November 1, 2022

Announcement of top 3 finalists of each category:

  • November 7, 2022

Announcement of 2022 WOI Awards winners

  • December 2, 2022 - LIVE! At the AmCham WOI Awards Presentation Ceremony 

Q8: We are a sponsor of the WOI Conference this year. Can we be a nominee? 

As a sponsor, your directors, managers and employees can be nominated for individual awards. However, for justice and fairness, the company cannot be nominated for the Best Company Championing Women award. 

Q9: Besides nomination, how can I participate and be part of the WOI Awards Ceremony?

We would love to have you participate.

For corporations: we are looking for corporate champions to sponsor this annual signature event of AmCham. If you would like to become a sponsor, or would like to support us via other means, please send us a message to Miss Charlie Chan at 

For Individuals: the WOI conference event will be held in person on December 2, 2022. Save the date, and we look forward to meeting you in person there.

Q10: What if I still have other questions?

AmCham team and WOI committee are here to help, please send a message with your questions to Miss Charlie Chan at 

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations must be provided in writing to: at least seven working days prior to in-house events.
  • Registrations for events held outside the AmCham HK office are non-cancellable and non-refundable. No-shows will be charged.
  • When Typhoon 8 (or above) or Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted, all events will be canceled.