Hong Kong is known as Asia's World City and an International Finance Center, famous for skyscrapers lining both sides of Victoria Harbour, high rise residences and fascinating old neighborhoods and alleys. But the gems of Hong Kong go far beyond that into the Great Outdoors. This is why many of the 90,000-plus Americans love living in Hong Kong!

The AmCham Ball of 2024 will celebrate Hong Kong's outdoor gems, and our guests will embark on an enchanting journey and explore beaches — from Big Wave Bay to Long Ke Bay, and mountains— from Lion Rock to Ma On Shan, and trails — from Dragon's Back to MacLehose, and wetlands and coves and botanical gardens to outdoor sports activities — from yachting to biking to hiking to golfing. There will be decorations and games to help AmCham members explore the many, many outdoor sights of Hong Kong!

As we gather to appreciate the natural wonders that make our city so unique, let us dress up to reflect either the casual charm of Hong Kong's outdoor lifestyle or the sophistication of a gala. From the elegance of yachting to the tranquillity of our country parks, to vigorous outdoor activities, dress to explore and celebrate.

Our outdoors only can survive if we care about them diligently and treat them responsibly. So during the evening, we will be reminded that sustainable practices are needed when we enjoy the outdoors, in order to help our children enjoy the same outdoors Hong Kong is offering to us today.

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