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In the pre-pandemic era, global supply chains were already undergoing their most drastic transformation in decades. The Covid-19 pandemic that has caused a major disruption of global supply and demand has accelerated that trend. As global trade is being reshaped in fundamental ways, multinational companies are being prompted to prioritize more resilient and diversified supply chain strategies.

In this four-part series, AmCham will dissect the future trends, risks and opportunities of global supply chains in a post Covid-19 world. The series also aims to help the business community that is impacted by global supply chains disruption to gain business insights and best practices to navigate through this crisis.


  • Part 2 – Sept 15, 2020 Supply Chain Diversification in Asia: A Practitioner's Perspective (Past event) (Rewatch HERE)

  • Part 3 – Oct 9, 2020 Future of Supply Chains in China (Past event) (Rewatch HERE)

  • Part 4 – Dec 7, 2020 Sustainability of Global Trade (Past event)


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