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The US and China may be engaged in a fierce competitive relationship for decades to come, but the world's two largest economies perhaps do not understand each other adequately. For example, the US doesn't know how capitalistic China which is illustrated by the embrace of market economy and entrepreneurialism. On the other hand, capitalism with American characteristics is attributed to its welfare system of unemployment benefit and social security.

Despite the divergence of their economic models, there is something in common: both countries are confronting with high levels of inequality measured by the Gini coefficient.

What exactly is common prosperity? Does it mean the end of China's market reform? What is the motivation behind the progressive movement in the US? Why is there domestic resistance to democratic socialism in the US? Can the US and China escape the high income trap? How can the world's two economic powerhouses work together to build a more inclusive global community that is characterized by sustainable development?

Please join this distinguished panel discussion as 2 world renowned scholars, Keyu Jin and Jeffrey Sachs ponder the most important economic issues facing the Dragon and the Eagle.

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Keyu Jin (Associate Professor of Economics at London school of Economics)

Keyu Jin

Associate Professor of Economics at London school of Economics

Jeffrey Sachs (University Professor and Director, Center for Sustainable Development of Columbia University)

Jeffrey Sachs

University Professor and Director, Center for Sustainable Development of Columbia University

Melissa Gecolea (Moderator) (News Anchor & Producer)

Melissa Gecolea (Moderator)

News Anchor & Producer

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