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We have had the pleasure of reconnecting with some of our past winners of the Women of Influence Awards. Asking them about the impact of the awards on them and how they wish to continue to influence Hong Kong. Please find a few quotes and video interviews with our past winners!

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"I want to show all women and men that they don't have to subscribe to certain version of what society expected them to look like in order to shine in their own right." Stephanie Ng, 19th Women of Influence Awards Winner - Young Change Maker; Founder and Executive Director, Body Banter.


Stephanie is the founder of Body Banter, a Hong Kong-based charity that empowers young people to find their voice in conversation about body image with curiosity and courage. She understands the stress when it comes to body image after experiencing eating disorders herself, and recognizes the importance of mental health in young people.


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"I believe that all of us can do more to leverage each other's strengths, to elevate one another, to find meaningful ways to serve as advocates and champions for the women in our lives." Mary McHale, 19th Women of Influence Awards Winner - Champion for Women; Director, Strategic Accounts APAC of Equinix."

Mary is a strong advocate for advancing women in leadership and is a champion behind amplifying women's voices especially within a corporate setting. She learned early on that working hard is not the only thing that is required to advance your career. Women need to build greater confidence, create smarter networks and engage stronger advocates to navigate the gaps in workplace equality. While it is true that we have made progress, it is also true that we do not see the same representation of women at senior and executive levels, on boards, or as fully funded entrepreneurs. Female representation that is less than 50% at any level means that we still have work to do.

Mary is an active leader and Advisor for WomenConnect, a network designed to promote, connect and empower women at Equinix. She is active in the NGO community of Hong Kong and has previously served as a Chairperson for the WOI Committee.

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"Women are history makers, change leaders and future enablers. I'm proud to be an active ally for women. I look forward to a future where all women are empowered to thrive, lead and inspire." 

Ronald is a true champion for women's empowerment and diversity and has been inspiring change in the financial industry for over two decades. His visionary leadership at Goldman Sachs has driven significant advancements in diversity and inclusion, fostering a culture where all women are empowered to shine and excel. He is also the co-chair of the Asset & Wealth Management Inclusion and Diversity Committee, advancing the diversity and inclusion efforts globally for the division. Ron brings together diverse groups, inspiring them with innovative strategies and a clear vision for a more inclusive future. Through his tireless efforts, Ron continues to influence and inspire a new generation of leaders in the financial industry.

"Women are the artists of life, capable of creating, nurturing, blossoming, and inspiring transformative change. Embrace your power and potential"

Heidi has been delighting and inspiring audiences with the power of the arts for over twenty-seven years. She is a true master, driving change while advocating for and advancing artists across multiple dimensions and art forms. Heidi brings together disparate groups of stakeholders, inspiring them with innovation and visionary expression resulting in extraordinary cooperation, outcomes, and performances. She has used technology and innovation to reach, influence, and inspire large, new audiences who would not otherwise have access to artistic performances.

"There is very little talk of social responsibility and trying to help the underprivileged, and that's why I started the Unison Mentoring Program to make them more visible to the community. Now it's our time to really look at those underprivileged, non-visible parts of Hong Kong."

Elizabeth L. Thomson, 5th Women of Influence Awards Winner - Entrepreneur of the Year; Founder & Chairwoman, The Amber Foundation.


Elizabeth is a beacon of philanthropy and women's empowerment. As the chairwoman of her family's charitable foundation, she has dedicated her life to supporting the education of disadvantaged and ethnic minority women in Hong Kong, India, and Canada. Her innovative approach to philanthropy includes repurposing airline kits and hotel toiletries into essential kits for the homeless, women in shelters, the elderly, and refugees. She also founded the Unison Mentoring Program for Women in 2018, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to build resilience, confidence, and a supportive network for university women from Non Chinese backgrounds, paving the way for their successful careers in Hong Kong. Elizabeth believe that for women, entrepreneurship really provides the best of both worlds and provides a better the work-life balance while still empowering one to make a difference.

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"Empowering women through entrepreneurship has created innovation, societal change, and economic growth. In the future it will also lead to more sustainable and empathetic business models," Joanna Hotung, 11th Women of Influence Awards Winner - Entrepreneur of the Year; Director of Hotung Mills Education Foundation.


Joanna founded Kids' Gallery, a children's creative arts school, in 1996, inspired by her desire for a more well-rounded, creative, and inquiry-based education for her own children. The KG Group – Kids' Gallery, Star English, Face Productions, and Mills International Preschool – now has a presence across Hong Kong and Asia. Over 80,000 students have passed through its doors and alumni are studying at prestigious universities and working in a wide range of fields worldwide.

Felicity, a dedicated advocate for women's empowerment, has successfully guided firms to increase female representation, address gender pay disparities, and create upward mobility for their women employees. Her impactful work includes providing pro-bono mentoring sessions, called "Free Fridays," with 90% of her mentees being women. Recognizing the importance of platforms like the Women of Influence Awards, Felicity views them as pivotal in amplifying women's voices, and accomplishments, and motivating future generations.


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