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Join us for an array of exciting events in the run up to the 2021 Awards Ceremony! Scroll down for more details.

October 23October 23

Developed by the Institute of Design at Stanford University, and run by leadership development professional Felicity McRobb, this dynamic workshop inspires creative problem solving. The purpose of the workshop is to give you the opportunity to learn and practice the Five Stages of Design Thinking:

Stage 1: Empathize—Research Your Users' Needs.

Stage 2: Define—State Your Users' Needs and Problems.

Stage 3: Ideate—Challenge Assumptions and Create Ideas.

Stage 4: Prototype—Start to Create Solutions.

Stage 5: Test—Try Your Solutions Out.

Over the course of a highly interactive four hours, you will have the opportunity to design individually in pairs, and collaboratively in groups of 4 or 5. As a result, you will not only learn the Five Stages but will have practiced and experienced the process first-hand so that it is familiar and accessible to you.


November 2 - 4November 2 - 4

Do you need a new special something to wear? An accessory to jazz up your back to work wardrobe? Do you have a piece of clothing that you bought because you loved it, but you can't figure out how to wear it? Join us at sustainable fashion expert HULA for a fun night of shopping and styling!

HULA Founder and CEO Sarah Fung will share some of her passion for sustainable fashion and tips for building a designer wardrobe on a financially savvy budget. HULA experienced stylist will assist you in reaching your style goals, offering trend advice tailored to your needs; and helping you style that piece that you don't know quite how to wear. Enjoy canapés and champagne, while you browse through their collection of unique pre-loved pieces. 


November 10November 10

To open our week-long lead up of events and activities for the 18th Annual WOI Conference, we are thrilled to be hosting an exclusive reception with Hong Kong Ballet. The Company is internationally recognized as a leading performing arts organization. We hope that you can join us for a private sneak peek, and get a very special preview of the holiday magic the Hong Kong Ballet will be making onstage with Septime Webre's thrilling world premiere of a new, re-imagined The Nutcracker! Guests will be treated to exclusive insights from the creative team and exciting performance excerpts as the dancers rehearse to Tchaikovsky's captivating music. Afterwards, Septime and the HKB artists will host a lively, interactive Q&A session.

Come along on Clara's incredible journey when one of her Christmas presents, a magical Nutcracker, comes to life! A glorious feast for the eyes and ears, Webre's nostalgic extravaganza eloquently showcases a riveting fusion of historical Hong Kong characters, wildlife and traditions with luxuriously detailed sets, costumes and props. Be one of the first to experience a taste of the cultural event of the year and a new Hong Kong classic that will enchant audiences of all ages.

Dancers (from top, clockwise):     

Ye Feifei, Reina Sawai, Gao Ge, Ashleigh Bennett, Zhang Xuening


Design Army


Ken Ngan


November 11November 11

In celebration of this years' summer Olympics we have invited former Paralympian double gold medallist, Danielle Brown to join us from her home in London as our WOI Conference keynote speaker.

Danielle comes from a world where one tiny mistake is the difference between winning and failing, and she will take you on an inspiring journey to explore the steps you can take to move from 'medal potential' to 'world class'. To get the most out of yourself as a professional, we first need to get the most out of you as a person and this session demonstrates how you can unlock your potential, overcome challenges, and achieve more. We will look at how making small shifts to the way you think and behave can have a huge impact on performance levels, helping to turn your ordinary into extraordinary.


November 15November 15

Join us and find your inner warrior! The AmCham WOI committee is honored to collaborate with Stephanie Poelman, Owner and Managing Director of Pherform Gym. Join us in the midst of Hong Kong's concrete jungle at HK Island where Pherform will host an accessible HIIT Workout. This workout will be coupled with a workshop which will touch upon the importance of creating identity based habits pertaining to your health (Training, Nutrition, and Lifestyle) and how these affect your everyday performance- from the gym to the workplace.

Stephanie lives by 3 life values: leave a legacy, lead with integrity and love with high vibrations. "We are on the cusp of bursting through so many myths and stories women have been told about what they need to look like and changing the mindset of women from training for the aesthetic outcomes to utilizing our bodies to reach its full capacity. Women's bodies can be as strong, mentally and physically, and it takes a few early adapters to pave the way for more women to appreciate what we are capable of. We are on our way there!"

These two events will focus on deepening our own connections with our bodies through foundational movements. All fitness levels and abilities are welcome to the HIIT Workout. The workshop will touch upon the importance of nutrition and how this affects our everyday performance – from the gym to the workplace.  


November 16November 16

As professional women juggle family and work, retirement planning can feel like a luxury and a far-away task. In this interactive session, Eric Kwok, Portfolio Counselor from Citibank, will share tips on how to optimize retirement plan investments to build a meaningful financial legacy. Participants will learn about strategies for achieving a dynamic retirement portfolio that is fit for purpose, weighted in sustainability, and able to withstand major global events that can impact the markets, such as Covid-19. In addition, Eric will discuss how sound retirement planning today can lay the groundwork for a woman's strong philanthropic and personal legacy tomorrow.


November 17November 17

The "Regaining your Resilience in Life & at Work" is a unique and timely workshop specifically designed for AmCham & the Women of Influence conference week in November. The session is open to the community and runs on Wednesday 17th November, 12:15-1:30pm. Join a diverse group of women to explore and learn:

  1. How do I re-evaluate and navigate my career and life in these uncertain times?
  2. How can I boost my ongoing leadership and learning to stay current and prepare for the future?
  3. What practical resilience strategies and resources are available to support me to reorient towards thriving again?


November 18November 18

Join us for a virtual fireside chat to hear from leading architect, Moira Moser on how she has navigated the world of design to grow her globally respected and renowned business, M Moser Associates into a leading architecture firm that is transforming the way people work. In this session, Moira will take us on a journey through a multitude of perspectives. Starting from her early experience and the personal perspective of breaking through barriers in a male-dominated industry, through to her entrepreneurial viewpoint and its influence on her work. We will get a glimpse into the client's perspective and how M Moser designs physical and digital workplace environments that intersect with the clients' business goals. We will learn how Moira widened the perspective and took her company from its founding in Hong Kong, to a global firm with more than 1,100 employees in 25 locations on 4 continents. Finally, the question on everyone's mind - what is the future perspective? We know that the nature of work is rapidly changing, but what does this mean for the future of workplace design? Join us to find out and to widen your perspectives!